Sunday, February 1, 2009

Checking in

Very weak and sick today. The chemo medicine is settling in. Woke up at noon. Can't get out of bed. Wife left to watch the kids. Good thing. Don't want her to see me like this. Head is killing me. My brain is really scrambled. I have two tubes sticking out of my right arm. I get chemo through those tubes. Would love to take a bath but it would require a lot of work to saran wrap my arm. Need to keep it clean. May be hard. 

Meanwhile, the battle inside me last night was a real killer. Burning up the whole time. Muscles ache. 

Moved into the Rotary House, which is a hotel that is attached to the hospital. It's run by Marriott. Nicer than the Holiday Inn. 


  1. Hang in there playa. Those damn cancer cells are not too happy that you've invaded their space with these treatments and I guess they've decided to go down swinging. To no avail, though, as they are no match for your superior will, determination and medicine bombardment. Much like the Arizona Cardinals, they'll try to put up a good fight against you and your team of physicians but, in the end, they will lose. No offense but I think watching the SuperBowl would be more exciting than watching your Blitzkrieg, unless of course you have a hot nurse or two.