Friday, September 4, 2009

Who is NED and does he dance?

NED stands for No Evidence of Disease. It's the term that's often seen on results from a good scan or two. I just got that yesterday. My doctor, who has always parsed his words carefully, said that he "really, really doubts" we'll see a relapse. So, as they say on the Hodgkin's message boards, I'm dancing with NED.

The only bad news is a lot of my lumps are here to stay. I guess Hodge isn't like other cancers in this way. The scar tissue is so big compared to the actual attached organ that it is never able to go away. Blobs and lumps and twisted muscles are here to stay. So what. 

Also, because I have a brand new blood system, I have to get all the shots I once got as a baby. Madison and I will be crying and crying because of those bad, bad shots. But that's not until next summer.