Sunday, February 8, 2009

Pretend this is Saturday's Blog

I woke up feeling much better. The temp was down. Life was good. I remembered that I was to move into another, more palatial room here at the Rotary House. I'm not sure if I covered that before but I moved out of the Holiday Inn. Or I should say that my wife did it while I was in the hospital getting chemo. 

You may think that a bunch of old guys with funny hats and secret handshakes hang out here. And you may get the impression that it's old and decrepit. I sure did. But actually, it's one of the nicer places to stay. It's run by the Marriott and they have what every cancer patient needs to stay healthy and happy, one swanky buffet. Just last week I was beside myself as I was forced to choose between a chicken pot pie dish and the meatloaf. Of course, the beauty of the buffet is you can do a little of both. 

Anywho, a one-bedroom suite wasn't going to be ready until the weekend. Until then I was in a king, with partial parking garage view. My wife was going to be back home with the kids during moving time and offered to stay, but I thought, we really don't have much to move. I can do it on my own. Now it's Saturday, I'm fighting a cold. Maybe that was a mistake. 

I moved. And then about five o'clock I started to get all these back spasms. Yes, that's right, now I jeapordized my life just because I wanted a couch. I laid in bed all night and the spasms kept on. 

The room is nicer and bigger. But the walls are thin. Now, there was a time in my life when I sort dug thin walls. You could hear all kinds of goings-on. But you don't want thin walls in a hotel that's connected to a cancer hospital. You hear a lot of puking. People are sick. It's very sad. 

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