Monday, December 21, 2009

End of SAHA cycle one

I talk in weird generalities to Conner now. I must be driving him crazy because it's a lot of short lectures about treating people fairly, never giving up, being upfront with people, etc. He's hit that pre-teen age and doesn't really go for parents any way. I'd give the same lecture to McKenna but she'd just space out and start singing or something. Madison doesn't understand English yet so she's not in on the conversations. She does stare at me a lot as if to saay, "This guy looks a little like me, has about the same amount of hair and sniffles a lot. He's annoying. He's clearly not as easy on my eyes as that lady who always picks me up."

Two new nodes have popped up and I'm going to see what the doctor has to say. Tomorrow is my last official day of the first cycle and it doesn't seem to be working, as my two new nodes can attest. The administrator of the trial said that nobody sees results this fast but I'm going to ask the doctor. Even if I don't see results, I shouldn't be getting these nodes either. In total, that makes seven areas of cancer. Sounds like a lot. Probably is but the good news is only two areas are near major organs, which is my chest and belly.   

Last week, tests showed that my liver functions were high so the doc took me off all non-essential drugs. That means no sleeping pills and I have to be easy on the pain meds. So I'm not sleeping much, probably sort of like many of you. I can only sleep on my back. If I try either side, I get pain. If I try my stomach, I get chest pains. Most of the time I just stare. 

Sorry this isn't funnier or more poetic or even just an easier read. But I wanted to give you an update. So many of you have been very supportive. Hopefully one day that support will pay off and we'll buy each other drinks. Mine will be a club soda. 

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The SAHA Trial

I'm leaving in a little while. I go back to New York for lab tests every week for the first four weeks of the trial and from then on I only go back once per month. The latest tests show that I have cancer in about six places: two on the right side of my neck, two on the left side of my neck, one in my chest and some activity in my belly. The new medicine, called SAHA, consists of about 17 pills every day for three weeks and then one week off. Right now, I'm coming up to my week off. When I'm on the meds, I get a headache that doesn't go away until night time, feel nauseous and get tired. Recently I got a head cold and am fighting that without other meds because they don't want to elevate my liver function. Even so, my spirits are up. Thanks to everyone who has dropped a line. I haven't blogged in a while because the medicine makes me really tired during the day. Plus, I have nothing new to say and didn't want to bore you all. I'll try to post something more substantial in the next week. Thanks again.