Thursday, April 29, 2010

Phew. That was close.

If I haven't gotten back to you over the last week or so, I am very sorry. I went on lock down again. Lock down for me has nothing to do with prisons. It's when I get really sick. This time, my shingles came back and I got a cold at the same time. I'm still not exceptionally well but am working on it. At least I think it's a cold. When talking to Dr. O'Connor today, he suddenly became quiet and serious. He told me it's either a respiratory infection or my nodes around my lungs. If it's the nodes around my lungs, well, Sherri might want to start looking for another life mate as I'll be cooked for sure. But I doubt it. I'm coughing up plenty of phlegm and it's not the usual blood brown that accompanies bad cancer phlegm. I think the good doctor is just being cautious. So any way, even being a cold, I was pretty sick. The shingles really knocks me good. I'll get better in the next couple of days. That means Shamus, Pat, Rossi and Kevin Kucharski should be expecting some bothersome contact from me. Also, to Todd's step daughter, thanks for the note. It seems as if Todd hasn't changed much. Which is a good thing.