Thursday, February 12, 2009

Law and Order, Greenheads and Lou Reed

The Little Woman comes in tomorrow. She'll be here for a long stay. I almost think she'll be in more pain than me during this round of treatment as she'll be without the kids for ten days. They're with a mishmash of neighbors, friends, family members. Doesn't sound too stable but that's the best we can do right now. The Skype will be working. 

Obviously this is a break in the action. You may be wondering what the hell I do all day and my answer is, not a lot. My body doesn't want to exercise. My mind is just getting back to normal. So that means a lot of time online and a dose of bad TV. Actually, I don't really end up watching too much TV because there simply isn't anything that interests me. I don't like Scrubs reruns. I don't like Law and Order, any Law and Orders. And as for the rest, well, the hotel offers a pretty pathetic line-up of channels. Two C-SPANs. Three CNNs. Two Arabic channels. One Turkish channel (No, really. I double checked. Turkey. You make sense of it. I can't.).  Four Spanish channels (Those I can handle. For those ladies out there who don't understand why, ask your man.). No HBO, Showtime, Cinemax. Not even Stars, the poorman's movie channel. There really isn't much to watch.

So I get up pretty late because I usually spent most of the night trying to sleep. I usually take a walk like old people take walks. I'll try to do the crossword and read the paper. Usually, MD Anderson has me doing something. So I'll hit that test after lunch. I might venture to Target in the afternoon or somewhere else that's easy to get to. And then it's dinner time. 

I know it's all boring. But doing anything major is still sort of difficult. Just not a ton of energy. I'm basically like an eighty year old only I don't have trouble chewing my meat. I wish I could do something more worthwhile. I tried to do some ads for Bob and David but they didn't seem to get back to me once I sent them a round of headlines for Bally's Health and Fitness. For example, for St. Patrick's Day I wrote, "Lift some weights, greenhead." And for Valentine's Day I wrote: "Girls, if you don't have a date for Valentine's Day, it's probably because you're fat and ugly. So you need to come here to get rid of the fat part." Like I mentioned, David and Bob didn't respond. Maybe because they're really busy.

No update on the cancer part. The troops didn't take news of this lull too well. They know I voted for Barak Obama so now they say I'm soft, don't like the military and don't really support our troops. I heard they think I pal around with terrorists, too. They really want to fight. So do I. It's better than watching reruns of Scrubs. 

Enclosed is a pict of the wife and kids at home about a half year ago. As Lou Reed would say, "Those were different times. "


  1. 'Lost in Space' and 'Lone Wolf McQuade' are on

    Now if CBS would just loosen up and put 'Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman' online - all would be right with the world.

  2. You could always catch up on current events at Then again, your Spanish stations probably offer better viewing - and free to boot - so this doesn't help. Speaking of news and hotties, how about Megyn Kelly on FoxNews. Smokin'!

  3. Michael, I am shocked Bally's didn't run with the Valentines ad!! It's so sweet! Hang in there!!! Tiff

  4. Hi Michael. I just signed in to your blog. You are with the best at MD Anderson. I now have someone local I can talk Chicago stuff with. You will need to switch allegiance to the Astros however until your treatment is up and you go back to Chicago. I'll bring you an Astros shirt. If you are a hockey fan, good luck finding coverage on sports talk or in the newspaper. If you haven't noticed, sports talk is not that good here.

    The Aeros are the affiliate for the Minnesota Wild. The Aeros aren't too bad and the games are fun to go to, provided you don't get too annoyed at the disco music they play to get the crowd attentive.

    Jeff Johnson