Friday, January 30, 2009

No Quarter is given

The Slaughter continues into the third day as many cancer cells wake up to the last sunrise they will ever witness. Hundreds more are expected to die today in a relentless attack of ICE on the whole upper torso region. 

"We will smoke them out of their caves if we have to. These evil doers will be destroyed without quarter and without mercy," says a defense department official. 

So far there have been many independent reports of fierce hand-to-membrane combat. Some rumors of rape has been heard but not confirmed since it's hard to rape a cell. 

Michael's body is starting to show some signs of fatigue. He no longer feels that he can get through a whole Macarena dance performance at a wedding and when it comes to the butt wave part, he would have some stiffness, more stiffness than usual. BTW, that's how the doctors here ask if you're healthy: Can you get through a Macarena?

"Although much has been gained, this will be a long, hard-fought war against a fierocious foe who wants to kill me," said Michael. "I'm tired. I need to watch a Clint Eastwood movie now."


  1. An updated classic...

    P.S. Watch out for the 'Hagar'

  2. Do they have this for The Scorpions? It's no good to me until that point.

  3. Here's a link to a really, really funny episode of South Park: