Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Okay, so I start a new week. I get a biopsy of the cancer on Friday and that's really about it. Lots of waiting. Lots of people with cancer in front of me. From what I can tell right now, it looks like next Tuesday is my first day under the influence of highly-toxic drugs. Until then I wait and itch. Anyone can see the cancer now just by looking at my chest since it looks like an old mattress. Very lumpy. Not the most comfortable sight or feeling. 

As I briefly mentioned before, I will be in Houston for my whole treatment, which could last as long as six months. The deal is I get zapped with chemo one week, then zapped again two weeks later. This counts as one "cycle". That shouldn't do the trick. So I'm getting anywhere from two to four cycles. The chemo is some powerful-bad shit. It will basically shut down my body's functions minus the important stuff like breathing. When all is dead, I get the actual stem cell transplant. Now, I've gotten a few offers from people who want to give up their stem cells but with this type, I'm actually replacing my own, only mine's been washed, cleaned, buffed and shined. 

By the way, Houston still sucks. The cost of a cab fare from the airport (named George HW Bush, that should tell you something right there) to a hotel near the hospital is about $65. And all you're doing is passing strip malls. There are no neighborhoods unless you count the ones you don't want to go into. And everybody drives. No walking. Why walk? It's not like you're a citizen of one of the fattest cities in the US. 

The people are Texas-friendly, though. The weather is better than in Chicago. And there's always the barbeque. 

Enclosed is a picture of an old mattress in the middle of what looks to be any neighborhood in Houston, with an addition of a strip mall. 

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