Friday, January 23, 2009

The Warewolves in Houston

For anyone with cancer, nighttime is when the warewolves come out. You can't sleep. You can try. But you end up thinking too much. And you really can't think too much when you have cancer. You have to train yourself to be a piece of meat. 

I check the clock and the warewolves still howl. I get up to check email and they still howl. I try TV but watch only knowing that they are waiting for me to turn it off. I am not crazy. I have cancer. And I remember I have cancer best at night. Because the warewolves remind me. 

Houston is quiet at ten o'clock at night. Of course, Houston is quiet at two o'clock in the afternoon. But I am in a hotel right next to a cancer hospital and I know that there are people inside the buildings. Many of those people are hear the warewolves too and worry about the warewolves. Every couple of minutes they think to themselves, "The only thing worst than the nighttime is the nighttime in Houston, Texas." What mall do the warewolves live by?

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  1. Hey Bud,

    A few of the usual suspects got together last night in Batavia. It was the typical high-brow affair. Vast quantities of Miller Lite were consumed while listening to bad 80’s rock and playing beer pong.

    Your presence was sorely missed, so we tried watching some really disturbing Internet videos in an effort to duplicate your usual contributions. Sadly, that fell short.

    Many a toast was made to your better health and strength of spirit.

    Never fear shadows... they simply mean there's a light shining somewhere nearby.

    -Van Helsing