Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Is this the 10 millionth blog in the world?

Just what the world needs. Another blog, right? Well, let me tell ya. Even despite the several hundred blogs about working in cubes, I've been up many nights looking around for information, any information, about recurring cancer and can't find that much. Sure, there's the science part. But nothing from the point of view of the recurree. And as anyone who's had cancer could tell you, that's a big difference. Doctors can tell people what to do. Patients can talk about what it takes to make it doable. 

The goal here is to tell you what I'm going through. My tone will be dictated solely by my status. I hope to make it entertaining but there will certainly come a time when I just won't care. More than anything, cancer treatment makes you just not care.  

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