Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner

We have a tie. Both Kevin Kucharski and Kiki Hayes correctly guessed the bald fat guy in question to be Leif Garrett. I should have disqualified Kiki since she's a producer and they tend to immediately know these types of things. 

In other news, I will not be getting tests done this week. Looks like that will be next week. Instead, I will wallowing around the Rotary House with a cold. I do nothing but wallow. 

The Rotary House has asked me to leave, eventually. Most of their guests don't stay as long for one period of time. But since I can't seem to get this cancer out of my body I am not like most of their guests. Plus I'm under eighty years old, am not from Bum-F Texas and more faster than Flash on the Carol Burnett Show. This polite eviction won't happen for a while, though. I think they're giving me one more month. Hopefully I will be able to take pics of the Elvis Impersonator before then. 


  1. Is it really any surprise the Rotary House has asked you to leave? Other then your family, can anyone really put up with you being around 24/7 for an extended period of time?

    Figured I'd give you a quick update on Big Joe. Apparently his wife told the attorney for the kids that there are thousands of pictures of she and Big Joe in various poses and positions. She's sticking by her story that they are all private and that somehow her ex husband must have stolen them and uploaded them onto the internet. I thought about scanning one or two in and sharing them here, but I figure this is a family show and best to keep the porn off of it.

  2. For a totally unbiased, third opinion on those photos, email them to Even if they are of just the wife without Big Joe, go ahead and send them over too. If it's just Big Joe, send those to Scotto as his is the expert in that area.