Sunday, April 12, 2009

My skin is death's door.

Funny thing about cells that kill inside your body. You feel cells killing inside your body. Yes, it's Day 2 and that means the mostest fun from chemo. I thought I was going to catch a break, having not felt very pukey this morning. But it was clearly too early to make that kinda call. My  collar bone feels like when I broke it trying to tackle Steve Butler without pads in eighth grade. Muscles are moving around rubbing up against I don't know what. My head is pounding in two places. I get tasered up and down my body from the chemo at random and every couple of minutes. My fingers tips are tingling. I'm fat, bald and zit-faced and I'm not one of those guys who look good fat, bald and zit-faced. Calgon, take me away!!!! I want my mommy!!! It's in the hole!!!! Sorry, about that last one. Too much Masters watching.

Enclosed is fat balding guy who can look good to the ladies, just not right now. Care to guess who it is? The winner gets my headache. Reed, you can't play. Sorry. For those of you who aren't Reed, just know that he's really good at trivia and will get this in a nano.

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