Thursday, April 9, 2009

Meet Madison and Pedro

So something strange happened a couple of months ago. As many of you already know, my wife got pregnant again. Now, it wasn't supposed to happen. The docs told us both that I would be shooting blanks from here on out. That suited both of us fine. But then it happened. 

Now, I did find it a little strange. Could I beat the odds and still be quite manly? Or could someone else be in the picture? For months Pedro, our pool boy, was hanging around the compound in Bartlett a little too often. I'd come home and Pedro would be making the bed in the bedroom and I'd be weirded out. He said he was just trying to help us out around the house so I thought that was okay. Sherri reassured me that Pedro was just hired help and the marks on her neck that looked like hickies were from shaving. So I believed her. Sure she wasn't in the mood as often but we still enjoyed getting into our underwear and watching some of the Greek and Turkish movies that are shown later on Cinemax. 

Any way, we know it's a girl and Sherri is healthy. There is a bit of a scheduling problem that we're still trying to work through. I need to get healthy really fast or else Sherri won't be able to be my "Caretaker". Then I'll be asking anyone if they'd like to spend a week or so in Houston in the summertime. There's nothing like Houston in the summer. Also and more importantly, I may not be present for Madison's birth if things keep going slowly. Of course, Sherri is less worried about that. She said Pedro can fill in. Should I be worried? 

Enclosed is a picture of Madison and Pedro. Any resemblance? 


  1. Madison - What a beautiful name! It's great to hear Mom and baby are doing well. Congrats!

  2. Congratulations! Cheers to another Herlehy in the making. In her honor, should Katy become pregnant, first I'll name our baby DeKalb and next I'd sue the Doctor who tied her tubes.

    Let me be the first to throw my hat into the ring for the position of Houston caregiver. From what you've described so far, there wouldn't be any other place I'd rather be than the excitement hub of Houston.

    Oh - by the way - rumor has it that Pedro, the ladies man he is, got snipped a long time ago to avoid having too many little Pedro's. So Madison is a Herlehy through and through. Congrats!

  3. You have a pool? I'm coming over.

  4. Holy crap! I thought sperm died once you turn old. That is pretty amazing. Congrats Mikey... I knew you had some X chromosomes in you.

  5. Reeder,

    What are you doing up at 5:57 am?

  6. Wait, two of you are up before the roosters. What gives?

  7. So it's Saturday and I manage to sleep in until almost 8 and then pop on the computer to check e-mails etc. While I'm at it, I figure I'll check to see what Herlehy has had to say of late. Big mistake. I now have to spend the rest of my day with the image of some dude with a very questionable mustache wearing a white banana hammock in my head. Normally I'd start drinking immediately to destroy the image, but I've got stuff to do today that precludes drinking until well into the evening. So I thank you for that.

    Congratulations on the new addition to the family. While I quite like the name Madison, I think you should have been a little more straight forward about your time at UW and named her either Flamingo, Red Shed, Joe Harts, Bottom Line, The Plaza, Chuch Key, Kollege Klub, Rathskeller, Madhatter's, State Street Brats, Brat House, Amy's, Big Ten Pub, Essen Haus, Nitty Gritty, Schooners, Blue Moon, Cardinal, Echo, Genna, Regent Street Retreat, or Headliners. Personally, I would have gone with Headliners in remembrance of your encounter with a female law enforcement officer as a freshman.

  8. Todd,

    Even while in a state of pain, I am astonished that you knew every name. Now, most of you will assume Todd phoned a friend (Google) but I'll bet only with two or three. I do like the name "Schooner" but not much lovin happened at Schooners or with her if she kept that name.

  9. Dang dude, you've got some strong swimmers! Congrats!