Sunday, April 26, 2009

Francine RIP???

I received my test results on Friday. It's Sunday and I still can't figure out if they're good or bad. 

The new chemo did help in reducing my tumors by about 50% give or take a few percentage points depending on the tumor. I basically have two main areas left of any significance, both in my left side. There is very, very little cancerous activity in those areas. But the clumps of cancer still remain, at half the size. 

The results said that Francine might be dead. Yeah, so, they didn't actually mention Francine by name, but they used all kinds of medical speak. So much that I can't figure out if she really is dead. They basically said that the area on my right side is "punctate calcified granuloma". Wow. I think one or two of those words aren't even real. But I think it means it's harmless right now. 

I was a little disappointed. I thought the chemo was making much better progress. This puts me on the border of whether I can proceed or not. We're leaving it up to the Stem Cell Doc. 

Complicating matters even more are three spots on my lungs. They look like they could be a fungus infection. Now, this could throw everything off. Way off. I have to meet with a lung doc and then he's gotta scope me. After that he has to figure out what he scoped. This all takes time. Beating cancer is very time sensitive. Many of you know that lung problems are what got me here in the first place as I couldn't get radiation until they figured that one out. 

This has me worried and up at midnight writing this even though I took a sleeping pill. I'm very close but now something like this comes up. The irony of it all is my lungs have always been in great shape. I ran cross country in high school and they've always been good to me. Not now. 


  1. Hello from Greenville, South Carolina. Although not the progress you had hoped, I'm very glad it has reduced 50% and seems to be getting better each time. We'll pray that the issue with your lungs will be handled the way they handled Francine.

    Michael - no offense - but I never liked your Francine. She was a skank. Good riddens. Can I say beeatch on this blog?

  2. I've been trying to figure out who your doctor is at MDA. Can't do it.
    My son has had Fanale and Younes. Who your doc?

    Jane (mom on the hodgkins forum)

  3. Mike,

    Try to keep your spirits up. Rest assured everyone's thoughts are with you and we can't wait to see you again. Besides, who else is going to take the Bears D for $15 bucks.

  4. Jane,

    I feel honored that you're reading this blog. My doc is Younes. Did your son like him?


    It was the Cowboy D and it was for $2. I wanted to make that clear in case I died and could no longer defend myself or that pick. Not that the pick is defensible.