Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bodily rejection

Things have taken a turn for the worse. Puked a lot tonight after trying to get through the pills. I just can't keep them in me. Either I puke them out or they go out of me pretty quickly the ah, more unpleasant and stinkier route. And I consider myself a pretty good pill taker. Will try again tomorrow. 


  1. Wouldn’t it be nice if the Mayo Clinic was in Miami or San Diego instead of Rochester, Minnesota? Maybe it inspires people to get better quicker if it means they can get the hell out Minnesota. No offense to anyone out there who may live in Minnesota, after all, I live in Illinois.
    After everything you put in your body in college, most notably during a 48 hour span in Champaign for Farm Aid one has to wonder why your body is now rejecting that which is supposed to help it. Is your body just that stupid, is it confused thinking that after years of abuse now you care? Regardless of the reason, hopefully your body gets it’s act straight and starts dealing with whatever it is you’re putting into it.

    You certainly are not missing much around here. It’s been days with no sun and the snow has been around long enough that it’s all full of dirt and other crap. In the case of the deck at my house, it’s literally covered in crap because the dog has decided it’s far easier to go there then it is to go down the stairs into the deeper snow of the back yard. That or he’s just white trash and doesn’t care what the house looks like. I guess if he invites his doggy friends over this summer to drink beers and they have a car up on blocks in the front yard I’ll have my answer.

    Hope things improve, and in the meantime remember, you’re only puking on Minnesota.

  2. I want to make a funny but I can't think of anything so I'll simply say "good night & good luck"....