Monday, June 1, 2009

Too tired to write full sentences

Bad day today. Neck is really messing with me. Very sore. The muscles are twisted. Now my throat is sore too. Every time I feel my sore neck, I worry about my sore neck. And that's all the time because it's always sore. Doesn't bode too well for the stem cell transplant if something is still growing somewhere inside there. 

Face a bone marrow "aspiration" tomorrow, which is where they stick a needle down into your hip and then suck the marrow out. Very painful and mentally tough to get through. Have to outlast something similar every day through Saturday. Gotta find it. 

Found out someone else on my Hodge message board died last week. He helped me out when I had a couple of questions. Very nice guy. Only a couple of months ago he seemed okay. Not a good day when you find others with your disease go down so quickly. 

My dog Nala came to the back door this morning with a dead bird in her mouth. She then ran over to some tree bark and buried it. A little later, she dug it up and then buried it again. I feel like that bird. I hope the monster is not in my neck. 

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  1. Mike, in which episode of the Brady Bunch does Alice throw out her back? I am counting on you to tell me because I can't decide and someone actually referenced that scene to me today. If anyone else knows please feel free to jump in.