Thursday, March 19, 2009

You got a Second?

The second day after chemo is actually the worst. You would think it would be right after getting the sick syrup but your mind is pretty scrambled at that time. You feel bad but you're too confused to know how bad you feel. So, really, the second day is the one to watch out for.
Tonight is no exception, although this stuff feels less poisonous than the other two cocktails I've had. Generally, I feel pretty yucky but not horrible yucky. There's always some food waiting in my throat almost like it's in line, waiting to get on a ride. Right now, the puke is pissed because it's been waiting all day. If you've been to Disney World, you understand how pissed the puke is (The Volkman kids are going to have to use their imagination since they've tragically never been there. Dad Volkman won't take them.). We waited in that dumb Family Robinson line and all we did was walk up a tree. The chemo ride is fun for the food since it usually travels 10-20 mph on a trajectory that can end up anywhere. I don't have as much fun. 

Successfully going through the day with chunks of hurl waiting in your throat is mostly a matter of discipline. Make sure your mind is busy, keep your mouth shut as much as possible (don't want an accidental hurl) and tighten your belly. The problem is trying to sleep at night. You're afraid to go to sleep because you're afraid of relaxing and hurling. Tonight I'm going to take a couple of Benedryl to knock me out. Sometimes it works. Sometimes I'm sitting around Room 440 at the Rotary Club looking out for the wolves.

Obvously, when talking about cancer and drugs, people mention chemo. Or marijuana, but that depends on what type of person you're talking to. Benedryl is actually more fascinating. Cancer patients can't take aspirin or Tylenol or Aleve or anything like that since those drugs mask symptoms. So doctors tell you to take Benedryl. You got an itching problem? Benedryl. Headache? Benedryl. You get the idea. Anyone who's ever had the pleasure of experiencing Benedryl knows that its biggest characteristic is that it knocks you flat on your ass. Personally, I think it has no absolutely no curative qualities except for the sleep thing and that becomes the curative quality. Who knows if your headache is really gone when you're drooling on your pillow in deep slumber dreaming about Mrs. Marcott and fifth grade. I've taken many, many Benedryl so it doesn't have as sleepy an effect on me. But still, Benedryl is fast becoming a hero drug. 

The picture is of Alydar. The poor guy came in second at the Kentucky Derby, second at the Preakness and second at Belmont. A Triple Crown of second. I guess we shouldn't feel too sorry for him as he spent the rest of his life getting paid to enjoy romantic afternoons with a slew of sexy mares. Not sexy to me. To him. Just wanted to make that clear. 

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  1. Mike,

    I know we haven't had much of an opportunity to get to know each other, but I want you to know that I am praying for you! Even though we are really extended in our family connection, I love your father as my own and I have always thought highly of you and your family. I hope that this treatment you are having to endure is successful. I can't even imagine, though your descriptions are clear, what this journey has been like. I pray every day for your heath and for the well being of Sheri and the kids. Bless you:) Julie