Thursday, March 5, 2009

I got nothing

Having a hard time posting anything. Not funny anymore. The failure of ICE took a lot out of me. 

I'm heading back to my palatial estate in Bartlett for the weekend. I need to see the kids. Conner called me at 11 pm last night. There was big news in Bartlett. Some burglars broke into a house next to a school. So, of course, every school had to be notified and they all freaked out about it and of course, the kids found out. So he was scared. I told him to shut up. Act like a man and deal with it, ya puss. Then I mentioned that we have a dog and if she's crazy enough to eat her own poop, she's crazy enough to attack some punks. He then asked why I didn't call in two days. I had but he wasn't around. It's unbelievably hard to call home. You wouldn't believe how hard it is. People think it's brave to endure chemo. It takes more guts to call home. 

For you medical types, below is a video of my doctor on You Tube. Although I'm very proud to be his patient, I can tell that he doesn't like me very much. I'm a little emotional when we're together. My temper gets a little high, among other emotions. I see him mentioned often in my many, many daily searches on the Internet. He could be the Elvis of Hodgkin's.


  1. Michael,

    Greetings from a still snow-filled South Carolina. OK, OK, there's only a little snow left from our massive four inch dumping on Sunday. People around here absolutely freak out when they hear snow mentioned in the weather forecast. All schools and businesses were closed the day after the huge storm (please). Even the next day the schools and businesses opened two and a half hours late.

    My God, what would these people do if there was an actual snow storm? I think they'd be more relaxed if they saw cocaine falling from the sky instead of snow; that cold white stuff falling causes everyone to wet their pants. Sad Southerners.

    I think going home this weekend is a great idea. Seeing the kids and being home for a couple days might be exactly what you need to recharge your batteries. I think the Houston nightlife is just too exciting for most people and some relaxation and family time back in the crib is just what the doctor would order. Maybe not Dr. Anus but I'm sure some doctor out there would order a good dose of family togetherness.

    Yeh, the results from the ICE sucks. But at least the treatments did prove to reduce the size of the cancer, albeit not as much as everyone hoped but still a reduction. So these bastard Al-Qaeda cancer cells won't go down easy. Fuck those ass wipes. Stay tough, Michael, and prepare yourself mentally and physically to fight these dickwads when you go back to Houston.

    Hang in there buddy, you can beat this. Many people are thinking and praying to give you the strength needed. As far as firing a few of your Generals, may I suggest Gunnery Sergeant Hartman. There would be nobody better at rallying the troops to fight. This link tells you all you need to know about the motivational skills of this fine military specimen:

    Have a great visit in Chicago.

  2. Nothing is over until we decide it is. Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?