Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sick of being Sick

Feeling like crap again today. Puked up lunch from Subway. It wasn't eating so fresh the second time around. The novelty of this cancer thing is wearing off. I'm really tired of having to hold in my puke all the time. 

Does anyone out there have Restless Leg Syndrome? If you do, then you will understand that my body feels like your legs while on RLS. For those of you who don't have it and can't find an opening in a conversation to casually ask someone who might, my body feels really anxious. It's like everything is new and not comfortably old anymore. When I was younger, my dad bought this John Deere Snowmobile, or as our next President Sarah Palin would say, "Snow Machine". The first time we took it out, we couldn't really let loose. The guy at the dealership told us to take it easy for a bit as the parts are still new. That's my body right now. I can't get comfortable because my parts are still new. 

Thankfully, I'm past the halfway point in my radiation treatment. Only ten left and I can finally go home. Today I enjoyed the sounds of Credence Clearwater Revival. Yesterday was a mixture of all kinds of oldies. And last week, why, we had some Kenny Rogers. The Gambler had a string of hits, as you'll recall, including the duet, "Don't Fall In Love With A Dreamer".  Just at the crescendo of that song, Kenny sings the line, "If I knew what you were thinking girl, I'd turn around, if you just asked me one more time." The black girls who were my techs for the day took umbrage with that line. Here's how the conversation went, word for word:

Girl 1:  He say what?
Girl 2:  He say if she axed him one more time, he woulda stayed.
Girl 1:  Why she got to axe him? He knows she loves him. I wouldn't be axing no guy to stay if he don't want to.
Girl 2:  You said it girl. A girl gotta have respect. 
Girl 1: Uh-huh. Axe him. I won't axe nobody.

One last thing that really bummed me out. Last night I found out that a guy who had a really similar case of Hodgkin's has recurred yet again. He got a "tandem" stem cell transplant earlier this year. Big shame. Hope this isn't an omen for me. I am itchy again. 


  1. Yo Michael. Oh yeh - the restless leg syndrome. Got me up last night at 3:45 am ... which kept me awake until 5:00 am when I decided to get up out of bed. No fun; lose lots of sleep. The legs are bad enough so I can only imagine how your whole body feels with it. Yuck.

    Maybe I'll axe my Doc about it. Maybe not, though, as he'll probably just use that as an excuse to jelly up his fingers again, axe if I have one n or two n's in Johnson (two ... but not next to each other), have me bend over (Ben? Nice to meet you) and have me sing Moon River. No, I guess I won't axe him. I'll keep sticking to my Ibuprofen and hope for the best.

    I don't think Jared will be worrying about his job upon reading your Subway endorsement. Keep up the good work for your final days in Houston and let us all know when you'll be coming home. Be good.

  2. Oh, the dreaded RLS.....I've had it for some time now and I have found that drinking Schweppes Diet Tonic Water helps a LOT!! Schweppes has the highest allowed concentration of Quinine and the diet version makes me not feel so guilty about chugging almost a quart of this stuff every day....poured over ice with lime or lemon makes it a wonderful beverage! I tried ReQuip and it helped somewhat (I DX'd the SDTW to have a real comparison of effect), but didn't enjoy the side effects so I stopped the ReQuip and have returned to my British Bevo of Choice...maybe I'll add some Tanqueray? Tonic water also aids in the fight against nausea...give it a try. Hang in there and keep the Faith; just remember "axe and ye shall receive"......
    Sending you blessings from Forest Park

  3. um... I have restless 'third' leg syndrome.

  4. Um ... I think that's called Crabs.