Thursday, August 13, 2009

Nothing special

Well, there's good news and bad news. The good news is the bill is down to $114,000. That's the amount they would "discount" us instead of the insurance company. The bad news is it looks likely that we have to pay it. I had to meet with a financial person today and next step is to meet with the CFO next week. He wants to set up a payment plan. I can try to prostitute myself but I don't think many people would be interested in an out of shape bald guy. 

As for my health, I feel really good after I take my nap. The problem is, my nap usually lasts until about 4 pm. That means I'm up late at night and into the morning hours. Feeling good is rare so I get really excited and want to do something. But there's nothing to do besides Bingo at the Rotary House. And now it's late and there's nothing to do in the world but sleep. I can't sleep. I feel good. Do you know what it's like to feel good after you've felt like crap for two years? It's amazing. Heavenly. You feel alive. No itches. No pains. No growing old too quickly. You people who feel normal are awfully lucky that you get to feel normal. I can only feel normal for half the day. But I'll take it. 

Today I heard the Beatles while getting nuked. I only have one week left. After that I will be a mere visitor to this city and no longer a resident. I will miss Taco Cabana and Chick Fil-A. That's about it. 


  1. That's some interesting timing you have. You spend the summer in the Texas heat and then return to Illinois for the winter. You clearly have things all bassackwards.

  2. Congrats Mike! I hope to see you and your family next summer, when we're in Chicago. It would be great to reconnect in person. :)

  3. Absolutely fabulous news!!!!! You'll be home in time for Labor Day, perhaps a big BBQ bash and home.....yes, home....HOME.....OMG it doesn't get any many prayers much to look forward to, to celebrate and enjoy again at home.....HOME!!!!!
    May God bless you and those you love with all your hearts' desires and dreams come true!!!

  4. Sounds like time for another raffle. I'm in.