Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Stem Cell Harvest

It's Springtime here in Houston. The morning dew glistens in the Texas sun. The smell of bluebonnets fill the air as children stroll to school and dads shuffle off to work. And in a small corner just off Highway 59, the Stem Cells slowly but surely fulfill their potential for a full bloom. This five day tradition begins at dusk with a hydration drip. And as the rooster crows in the distance the next day, the chemo begins to slowly fall from the IV bag, only coming to the very bottom four days later. This time-honored process continues as men, women and children everywhere wait anxiously for the stem cells to appear nearly two weeks later. In the meantime, Stem Cell farmers toil in the fields day and night to make sure every cell reaches its full potential. Only the very best, ripest cells are chosen. 


  1. On your mark, get set, go....


  2. I've never met a stem cell I didn't like. Welcome back to your new world stem cells. Stay a while, copulate, multiply, enjoy life. It's worth it, you'll see.