Saturday, August 6, 2011

Did you see that?

Can't type long because I'm having trouble seeing up close. At first I thought it was a symptom of getting old but now I know that it has progressed quickly and that means sgn is the cause. It's very hard to see close up so sorry if there are a lot of typos. Will inform you if it gets better. Have to tell my wife. That's going to be a difficult conversation.


  1. I'm going to hold onto the hope that it's the "getting old" option (she types as she is wearing her brand new reading glasses purchased this weekend).

  2. Hey Michael. I too will hold onto hope that old age is trying to get you. As someone who is slightly older, I can tell you that my eyes have recently been going downhill and a trip to the eye doc is in order. Hang in there, buddy - we're all still thinking of you often.