Thursday, April 29, 2010

Phew. That was close.

If I haven't gotten back to you over the last week or so, I am very sorry. I went on lock down again. Lock down for me has nothing to do with prisons. It's when I get really sick. This time, my shingles came back and I got a cold at the same time. I'm still not exceptionally well but am working on it. At least I think it's a cold. When talking to Dr. O'Connor today, he suddenly became quiet and serious. He told me it's either a respiratory infection or my nodes around my lungs. If it's the nodes around my lungs, well, Sherri might want to start looking for another life mate as I'll be cooked for sure. But I doubt it. I'm coughing up plenty of phlegm and it's not the usual blood brown that accompanies bad cancer phlegm. I think the good doctor is just being cautious. So any way, even being a cold, I was pretty sick. The shingles really knocks me good. I'll get better in the next couple of days. That means Shamus, Pat, Rossi and Kevin Kucharski should be expecting some bothersome contact from me. Also, to Todd's step daughter, thanks for the note. It seems as if Todd hasn't changed much. Which is a good thing. 


  1. 從人生中拿走友誼,猶如從生活中移走陽光........................................

  2. I once used 'phlegm' on a triple word score in scrabble.

    Funny to hear Todd rip on the drinking games being played by today's youth. I recall Todd and I doing our share of stupid shit like driving around to dive bars and asking the bartender for shots from the bottle with the most dust on it.

    You have not lived until you have had 10 year old Watermelon Schnapps at the Holiday Inn bar in Itasca for last call.

  3. Some of the stuff we poured into The Fudd in Todd's basement was probably much older than 10 years. When you start seeing dust, sludge and other foreign bodies in the crap you're pouring into The Fudd, you know it's gotta be pretty old.

  4. 'The Fudd' and 'JoBoo' - That brings back painful memories. Maybe 'stump' is not that stupid after all... yeah, it is.

  5. Glad to see you're post...sorry you are dealing with the dreaded phlegm....don't know if you can combine it with all your other meds, but Guiafenesin works wonders on pulmonary congestion....and oy vey...Shingles...maybe some Slivovitz to ease the pain? Besides, it comes in a great old-world style vessel!!! Happy Cinco de Mayo.....tacos and shots of Tequila might do the trick? Feel better and keep the Faith!!!

  6. I had me a rare treat last night. I actually saw and spoke with the man himself. Our sons had a baseball game in Bartlett against one another and as my team was arriving and warming up, up rode Michael on his bicycle. I, like many of you, had not seen Michael in quite some time. Let me tell you, despite his earlier description of his appearance he looked damn good for someone who has been through what he has - especially when you take into consideration he was not that pretty beforehand.

    Anyhow, we spoke before, during and after the game. I got to meet Madtown who seemed to really enjoy baseball from what I could tell, and I was able to say hello to Sherri briefly. While Michael's description of himself as thin is right on, he is not emaciated, his skin is not gray, his eyes are not hollow and there did appear to be some gray hair poking out from beneath his baseball hat. He was there for the entire game and was helping with field set up which seemed like major accomplishments for someone who has been through so much recently. Not surprisingly the sense of humor remains intact.

    I would have like to have spoken with him more, but if I am not yelling at me team they tend to become really baseball stupid. It's amazing that kids who are all honor roll students can be so dumb when they walk on a field. Then again, maybe it's not amazing, maybe the middle school where I live is not all that.

    Conner did a good job pitching and I am sure that the nice weather and the ability to watch his son play do wonders for Michael's spirits.

    I guess it's time that everyone ramp up their efforts in support of this ongoing battle. Now would be a good time to drop an entertaining comment here or send him an e-mail. Hell, I hear they even have these things called telephones if you want to give him a call.

  7. Mike,

    Glad to hear you made a baseball game that's great.

    I hope you can make many more this summer with your Family and Friends, sounds like you are looking better than what you have written, not suprising for your somewhat "different sense of hiumor"!!(just kidding) Keep your spirits up buddy you will prevail.

    Jim Donahue

  8. Mike,

    Great to hear that you were out at the game. I know from just watching my son play t-ball that watching your son play baseball is a special thing. Take care and hope to see you soon.