Friday, July 3, 2009

Guest Blogger--The General

I know for all of you following this blog, you knew this was coming. Everyone had been warned that there would be a time when I would fill in for Michael when he wasn't feeling up to it and that time has come. I have been receiving phone calls since its been awhile since his last posting so this will help update everyone. The warning is that I am nowhere near the writer that Michael is and let's face it, he is funnier than I am (honey, you have that in writing!)

Quick update is that Michael finally got to leave the hospital on Tuesday and is now resting comfortably at the lovely Rotary House. While it is nice to be so close to the hospital, the Rotary House is senior living at its best with the absolute worst cable in the world. The road to his recovery is filled with peaks and valleys--everyone at MD Anderson seems to like that phrase; although, I think I used it first. There are good days and bad days--just like this entire speed bump in our lives. Yesterday was a good day and we actually went on a "date"-- lunch and a movie. Unfortunately for Michael, he doesn't have any taste buds right now and swallowing is still an issue but he can taste ice cream sandwiches and who wouldn't love to eat those all day long! While I think a comedy would've been a good choice for the movie, we decided to see "The Stoning of Sonoyara M". We thought being in Texas, we would be the only ones in the movie theater but there were probably 10 other patrons opting to see a movie about Iran with subtitles no less. Now during the most emotional and dramatic scene in the movie there happened to be a woman sitting directly behind us who was sobbing for 10 minutes and when she started moaning, Michael couldn't hold back the laughter. Inappropriate as it seemed, how could you not laugh! Plus, it made the date all that more memorable; although every date with Michael is memorable (even after being with him for 22 years!)


  1. June is over and hopefully the worst of things. Michael, time to return to your family in Illinois - where, by the way, we have no peaks or valleys.

  2. Michael - on our nations holiday, here's to hoping that you will continue to gain more and more independence from this dreaded disease. We all will celebrate with you on your triumph soon enough. Happy 4th of July Michael. General - thanks for posting the update and have safe travels.

  3. Thanks for the update. Your date night sounds like just what you both needed!