Friday, January 28, 2011

I'm out of lungs

The chest pains from my left lung has returned. That means I got tumors throwing parties on both sides of the street. I'm in ny getting a third round of this new treatment. You will recall that the last round was a double dose. Since the treatment doesn't still seem to be working and it works on almost everybody, they have doubled my double dose. A little risky? Absolutely. I got little choice. To keep the side effects away, they gave me steroids. So as Cari Dinneen would tell you, I'm up all night. Maybe even tommorow. That's okay because I got New York cable. Ever see their public access stations? Whoooo mammma. New Yorkers seem to enjoy the company of Asians and transexuals because that's about what they talk about and show for commercials. Some S &M too. Truly fascinating. Mostly bad nakie too. I might call and ask if anyone wants to come over and watch tv. That's not hooker code. I really would rather watch tv. Beverly hill desperate housewives is getting nasty and who better to watch that with than a hooker?

Thanks again for all your support. If you want, maybe I can repay by getting a date with Liu, the rather busty Asian girl who must have a lot of itching problems like myself because she touches her body a lot.

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  1. As often as things change...

    It was just a few years back that we were watching bad cable TV and eating nasty pizza in the very early morning hours in Vegas.

    Westward Ho! My brother!