Friday, September 4, 2009

Who is NED and does he dance?

NED stands for No Evidence of Disease. It's the term that's often seen on results from a good scan or two. I just got that yesterday. My doctor, who has always parsed his words carefully, said that he "really, really doubts" we'll see a relapse. So, as they say on the Hodgkin's message boards, I'm dancing with NED.

The only bad news is a lot of my lumps are here to stay. I guess Hodge isn't like other cancers in this way. The scar tissue is so big compared to the actual attached organ that it is never able to go away. Blobs and lumps and twisted muscles are here to stay. So what. 

Also, because I have a brand new blood system, I have to get all the shots I once got as a baby. Madison and I will be crying and crying because of those bad, bad shots. But that's not until next summer.


  1. Michael plus Ned, sitting in a tree...!
    Awesome news :)

  2. Never Ending Delight......two lives at the much to experience together and share with all you love!
    Sending you blessings!!

  3. hmm... Shots...

    Jagermeister (Jager Bombs)
    Flaming Doctor Pepper
    Mind Eraser
    Sex on the beach
    ...and my personal favorite The 'RumpleMeister'

  4. Nice to meet you NED. Glad you're hanging out with Michael. Let me know when you and Michael can come down the block and celebrate with a drink or two.

  5. Lumps, like most things depend upon your point of view. For instance, Hugh Hefner has become a very rich and dirty old man based in large part upon lumps. On a more local scale, you are probably enjoying the fact that along with Madison came the boob fairy. It's really all in your perspective. I'm a glass half full type of guy so I'm always going to try to put a positive spin on things such as lumps. Now in your case, not only do you have the boob fairy angle, but more importantly the lumps you have no longer have the evil little c-cells. I definitely call that glass half full - of beer, waiting to be consumed.

    Glad to hear all is well. Hopefully your energy is returning and the opportunity to be with the wife and kids has your spirits high.

  6. Congratulations on welcoming Madison! They say every child brings its own luck and she certainly has. Mazel tov!